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  • 名称: 干法脱硫除尘一体化设备
  • 添加时间: 2012/4/20 15:54:54
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    • 详细介绍
        As a high efficient process of removing the noxious gas containted in fume, the dry process system adopts the utilised scheme to simplify the system, cuts cost as well as decreases the error rate. By improving the dedusing technics can we realized the aforementioned process, that’s why we call it dry process system of hazardous gas. Given that the bag filter has been widely used in buliding material, chemical industry, metaluygy,non-metallic mineral and food industry,ect. We will put the emphas is on its noxious gas removal techniques instead of expanding on its technical principles.
        The noxious gas contained in the tail gas out of garbage incinerator and coal burning boiler is collected by bag filter with japanese techniques, This technology can achieve desulfuration and harmness gas through ejecting slaked lime dry power and reaction auxiliary agent to fult gas, sulfur dioxide and harmful gas.harmful gas and slake lime carry chemical reaction adequately,forming solidastate calcium sulfate and and other attachments, which will either adhere to stive or coacervate into nice granule and finally been absorbed.
         Dos of slaked lime dry powder and reaction assistant is up to the quantity of noxious gas, there are groups of sub-gas automatic tester which ensures economic usage of dry powder and reaction auxiliary agents. Slaked lime dry powder and reaction auxiliary agents is desposited in stock tank respectively and the input amout is controlled by automatic tester.
    dust emission concentration
    emission concentration
    emission concentration
    HCL and heavy metal: satisfied national emission standard
    daily average capacity
    Filter bag average using life:3-5years
    Running rate along with main machine:100%
    ②、结构创新:设计理念是在不改变袋式除尘器基本原理和除尘效率的前提下,通过结构创新,设计出专用的袋式除 尘器,将干法脱硫过程融入其中,实现除尘脱硫一体化。
         Characters of the product are mainly: technical innovation,structural innovation, process innovation and so on.
    ①、Technical innovation:
    This project adopts dry processing technology to eliminate noxious ingredients contained in the tail gas of the incinerator and coal boiler through ejecting active lime into the bag filter.This processing technology realized the function of bag dust remover which consider the needs of both solid-gas and gas-gas separation,meanwhile, it also provides the national tail gas treatment of incinerator and coal boiler with international advanced professional disposal equipment.
    ②、Structural innovation:
    The design concept is to product new type bag filter through structural innovation at the basis of notchanging the filter’s original priniple and dust removal efficiency.
    ③、Processing technology innovation:
    The current semi-drying process could cause secondary water pollution and system scale plugging, while the drying method we are adopting now can overcome such defects.
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